Are roof racks bad for bikes? All you need to know

It is a question that many cyclists have asked themselves, and one that more people are talking about as bike ownership continues to grow. In this post, we will explore the topic of roof racks and their impact on bicycles.

So, Are roof racks bad for bikes?

no, Roof racks aren’t bad for your Bikes. Garages will. What I mean by that is driving into a parking garage with your bikes on your roof is usually not a good idea. Roof racks themselves won’t damage your bike, but driving into a garage may rack the bikes (bad pun intended!)

So if you plan on taking your bicycle inside of a parking structure then I would recommend that you either find a way to either remove the front wheel and/or put your bike in through the trunk.

This is important because if you drive into a garage with your bikes on top, it could result in damage to not only yourself but also others as well as your bicycles. The concern that many people have about roof racks is that they can scratch the paint of the car.

At least with a bike rack, you can take it off the car, but if your roof racks are attached to your vehicle then there is no option but to leave them on when driving into garages or parking structures.

On the other end, having your bikes on the roof of your car prevents your bikes from getting damaged by getting rear-ended by someone texting while driving, or by an impatient driver that cuts you off.

I personally have had someone cut me off while driving and they ended up hitting my bikes which were on the roof, but luckily no damage was done to the bicycles themselves since they were strapped down properly, though it did rattle them a bit.

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Keep in mind there are many different types of roof racks, and the ones that mount securely on top of your car with bolts are recommended. You want to make sure you can trust them because while they may be secure when you buy them there is no guarantee what will happen in five years’ time so it’s better safe than sorry!

Are roof racks bad for bikes?

1. Roof racks can be a great way to transport your bike,

especially if you do not have a pick-up truck. instead of putting them inside your car, it can be a great way to transport your bike. I would recommend getting a bike rack designed for your vehicle. roof racks are more suitable for people who do not have a pick-up truck or SUV.

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2. But, roof racks are not a good idea for bikes with thin tires or small frames

The reason is that they can damage the tires or cause dents in your bicycle frame. For this reason, roof racks are not a good idea for bikes with thin tires or small frames. In general, you should check with their manufactures to make sure that it is suitable for use on your car rack.

4. You should also make sure that the rack is secure and stable before loading it up with your bike.

You will need to take off both front and rear reflectors on the frame if they are too close to the tire, in order for them not to get squished by the wheel when loaded onto a roof rack system.

5. When loading your bike onto the rack, make sure it’s centered on the rack and doesn’t hang over one side too much.

If you load up a roof rack with bikes that are not balanced or “tippy” then they can fall off of cars while driving and cause damage to both vehicles and people.

6. The best place for storing your helmet is in front of or behind your seat post, not on top of the handlebars.

The best place for storing your helmet is in front of or behind your seat post, not on top of the handlebars. If you put it on the handlebars and forget about it, then that could lead to a serious accident if you hit something unexpectedly while driving without wearing a helmet.

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Can a roof rack hold a bike?

Yes, a roof rack can hold a bike. Some roof racks can hold multiple bikes, check your manual to see how much weight your roof rack can carry

How many bikes can go on a roof rack?

That varies on the type of rack that you are using. If it is a fork-mounted roof rack, then typically two bikes can be carried on top of your car at one time. Any more than two and there may be too much weight for your vehicle to handle safely while driving down the road.

For some racks designed for carrying multiple bikes at one time, you can typically carry up to four or five.

Depending on the type of rack that you are using and how many tubes each bike has makes a difference in where they will be placed on your car’s rooftop. If there is only one tube for each bike, then it may make sense to stack them on top of each other.

If there are two tubes, then one on either side should work fine for carrying both bikes at the same time.


Roof racks are not bad for bikes. If you have a roof rack, make sure to properly secure your bike onto it before driving anywhere. You should also check with the manufacture of both your car and bike to ensure that they are compatible together on the top of your vehicle!

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