Best Bike Rack for 4 Bikes – Buyers Guide

When you are looking for the best bike rack for four bikes, there are a lot of options out there. You need to look at the mount to make sure that the bikes are secure while you are traveling, and you will want to choose whether you want one that attaches to the back of the car or on the roof.

They can also attach to the hitch or the trunk of the car.

When you get the right bike rack, you can take your bike with you no matter where you are going. Take a look at the four best bike racks for four bikes.

1. Saris Freedom Bike Hitch and Spare Tire Car Rack

This bike rack from Saris can fit any kind of bike, including electric bikes and bicycles. It holds up to 190 pounds and four bikes. It uses ratchet straps that are easy to use and adjustable. It will fit most two-inch hitches or a wheelbase up to 48”.

It has protective rubber holders that adjust to fit any frame, and it has a tilt feature that is activated by a foot pedal. You can use it to access the cargo area or to fold the bike rack when it isn’t being used.

One of the best things about this bike rack is that you can carry any kind of bike on it. Whether you have kids’ bikes, adult bikes, tri-bikes, unicycles, or any other kind, this rack can hold it and transport it for you.

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It is made of their own material, Cuscino. It is both soft and durable, and it is designed to protect your bikes while they are traveling. It fits on just about any car or truck, so just about anyone can use it.


  • Durable and soft material to protect your bikes during transport
  • Hitch mount or spare wheel mount frame
  • Tilt feature allows you to access the cargo area of the car
  • Holds any kind of bike
  • Ratcheting straps to keep bikes in place


  • Some e-bikes may need a longer ratchet strap
  • Expensive

2. KAC Overdrive Sports 2” Hitch Mounted Bike Rack

The KAC Overdrive Sports bike rack keeps your bikes safe with its patented Anti-Wobble System. It has a quick-release tilt design that makes it easy to access the cargo area of the vehicle while the bike rack is attached.

You can also fold it up when you aren’t using it. You can transport up to four bikes that weigh up to 60 pounds each, and it has durable powder-coated steel tubing to secure them.

There are padded clamps and a locking knob and hatch pin. It is easy to install, and you can adjust it to fit perfectly. It comes mostly preassembled, and it has heavy-duty, five-inch wide wheel holders that can adjust to fit most e-Bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, and more.

Some bikes may need a bike frame adapter, such as low Y-frame bikes. This rack works with two-inch hitches only, and it comes with a limited lifetime warranty. You can’t use it on an RV or a fifth wheel, or you will void the warranty.

3. Hollywood Racks Destination Platform Hitch Mount Bike Rack

The Hollywood Hitch bike rack can carry up to four bikes, and each one can weigh a maximum of 35 pounds. It is lightweight, and it includes a locking threaded hitch pin. You place each of the bikes in a movable wheel tray, and then use the Ratchet straps to secure the wheels.

It also has a center post that is adjustable, and it has a sliding and rotating attachment cradle that secures the bike frames.

When you aren’t using it, it will fold up flat against the car, which is great when you are parking in the garage and don’t need to use the bike rack.

This bike rack works with a two-inch hitch receiver. You can’t use it with a 1 ¼- to 2-inch Hitch receiver adapter. You shouldn’t use it on a trailer or a towed vehicle. It has a max wheelbase of 48” and a maximum tire width of three inches, and it will hold most kids’ bikes, ladies’ bikes, hybrids, road bikes, and mountain bikes. It has a locking hitch pin and is strong enough to secure your bikes safely.

4. Ikuram Bike Rack for Four Bikes

This bike rack by Ikuam is strong and contracted with steel. It is long-lasting and durable, and it has a protective powder paint finish. It has a dual-arm mounting design. It is an optimized system that allows you to transport bikes of different frame sizes.

It is stable and can hold up to four bikes. It also offers easy tilt-down access to the rear of the vehicle, and it is easy to use.

The arms fold down, so it is easy to fold it up quickly when you aren’t using it.

This bike rack comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can have confidence in its reliability and durability. It has padded bike cradles with hook and loop straps that will protect your bike’s finish. You can install it onto most two-inch hitches. You only need three bolts to assemble it, so you can set it up in just a few minutes. It doesn’t wobble during transport, so your bikes are safe. It can hold up to 140 pounds, so most bikes will fit on this bike rack.


  • Heavy duty steel construction is durable and long lasting
  • Swing down arms with easy tilt down system for access to rear of vehicle
  • Folds up easily when it’s not in use
  • You can assemble it quickly and easily


  • Hard to open the tailgate on large pickup trucks
  • Bikes can be crowded together

Final Words

When you are looking for the best bike rack for four bikes, the hitch mount options have a lot to offer. They are sturdy and lightweight, and they can fold up for easy storage when you aren’t using them. Any of the options above are great options if you need to transport four bikes.

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