Best Bike Rack for Hatchback – Buyers Guide

There are numerous hatchback bike racks out there. So, wading through the sea of options leaves you doubting about which one will be right. This will be contingent on how many bikes you have and how often you travel.

Consider this list of fantastic bike racks specifically suited to hatchbacks. Each one offers a wonderful design with careful attention to the needs of the bicycle enthusiast. Whether you need a rack for a single bike or as many as three, the ones discussed below will be beautiful on your vehicle.

The Talon Single Bike Rack by SeaSucker

The Talon Bike Rack by SeaSucker is a workhorse with a no-hitch, fork-style mount. This single black metal rack can carry one bike that weighs up to 45 pounds. This provides zero damage to your vehicle, making it great for road trips and other adventures.

Manufactured in the USA and built to be durable, it’s the only American-made rack featured at the Tour de France; a tournament with some of the most physically grueling and toughest courses. SeaSucker’s rigorous testing with over $250,000 worth of bikes means you’ll be doing it like a pro!

SeaSucker’s Talon can fit on almost any vehicle. It’s compact too, measuring 15 by 13 inches and weighing about 6 pounds. This means it’s three times lighter than others. The convenience of this rack allows you to install it anywhere and store it away at any time.

The three vacuum mounts are particularly wonderful. They never damage the car and each vacuum cup/mount can handle up to 210 pounds. They’re about 6 inches and hold onto the car’s roof, rear glass, or trunk. There’s also a rear-wheel strap for extra reinforcement.

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It’s one of the easiest bike racks to install, remove and even use on a different vehicle. It’s not complicated and there’s hardly any assembly required. This is so compact, it can go into a backpack, carry-on bag, or bike bag.


  • Fits on almost any vehicle
  • Lightweight
  • easy to install and remove
  • secure vacuum mounts
  • Installs on the roof , rear glass or trunk


  • Some people report missing Fasteners
  • Doesn’t fit all sizes or bikes

Deluxe 2-Bike Mount Rack by LITE-WAY

When you want to carry two bikes on your hatchback, LITE-WAY’s deluxe bike mount is ideal. It comprises heavy-duty iron with a powder coating and durable rubber straps. This means you will not only be able to take it anywhere, but it can also withstand a beating from daily use.

It’s just less than 17 inches by 40 inches and with a total load capacity of about 80 pounds. You can fold the rack down to make it easier to access the trunk and for storage. This happens in no small part by the tilt-away design of the folding mechanism.

The rack’s engineering accommodates cars with two-inch hitch receivers due to the anti-sway design. This means your bikes will be scratch-free and secure. They won’t wobble, move, shift or fall off, even when driving on an uneven surface. The anti-rattle stabilizer is what makes this possible.

All these features make LITE-WAY’s primo bike rack an excellent choice, especially ones that are bulky or awkward-shaped. What’s more, there’s a tailpipe plug that comes equipped with two red reflectors. This helps improves other drivers’ visibility on the road.

The Three-Bike Carrier Rack by Stormann

When you need to carry three bikes on your hatchback, the one offered by Stormann is your solution. It has a load capacity of 130 pounds with the ability to fold down once installed on the trunk.

Made of alloy steel and a padded lower rubber frame, this rack will protect your car from accidental scratches. The rubber-coated hooks add to this protection. And, for the environmentally conscious, all materials are safe and non-toxic.

It mounts via a strap, making it quick and easy to install, use and transport. The red clamps ensure security and stability. It’s design and engineering are flexible and versatile for almost any vehicle. It’s not advisable to use it on a hatchback that has a spoiler.

Storman’s bike rack for three has 16-inch-long carrying arms and the frame is 23½ inches. Its folding capability, compactness, and lightness mean you can take it anywhere. The rack fits in the trunk too.


  • Great for three bikes or less
  • Strong, Durable materials
  • Capacity to fold and compact
  • portable
  • fits anywhere


  • Separate configurations per car
  • strap is unreliable
  • rubber coating on hooks wears off

The Mini Bomber by SeaSucker

An alternative option for two bikes is SeaSucker’s Mini Bomber. The convenience offered by this is incomparable to most others. SeaSucker is a proud USA manufacturer, so you’re getting a bike rack that’s solid, durable, and well-tested.

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As with their Talon above, it’s lightweight, compact, and convenient. The Mini Bomber also weighs six pounds, but it’s bigger to accommodate more bikes; measuring about 27 inches by eight inches. The body of the rack is flexible so it works with the curves of your hatchback.

It’s black, fits on any car but it doesn’t have the capacity to fold. This makes it more ideal for permanent installations. Its versatile fork-mount can attach to the rear window, trunk, or roof. That means the vacuum cups will never damage your car and it’s ideal for any travel situation.

These are some of the easiest racks to use and install on the market. Everything comes convenient and designed with adventure-loving in mind. Two bikes weighing up to 45 pounds each will fit securely and comfortably. The protection given to your bikes with this rack means there’s no damage to your car or the bikes.


  • Durable and well tested
  • convenient and lightweight
  • easy to install with versatile fork mount
  • ideal for permanent installations
  • secure vacuum mounts


  • Fork mount isn’t Universal
  • Does not work will on cars with sunroof

Final Notes

When hunting for the perfect bike rack to put on your hatchback, you want to take several factors into account. First is the design of your vehicle. If there’s a spoiler installed on the trunk, you will probably do better with a roof mount.

Also, consider the frequency of your travel, how many bikes you have, and the installation type. Determine whether you need the rack to be temporary or permanent. Also consider the materials, body design, and folding option.

If the list above doesn’t quite meet your ideal, ensure the brands you peruse are solid, trusted, and take pride in the production of their bike rack.

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