Best Bike Rack for Tesla Model Y – Buyers Guide

If you have a Tesla Model Y, you can get a bike rack to take your bikes with you wherever you go. It will fit the back of the car perfectly. It is important to look at the features that each one has to offer so that you can choose the best one for your needs. They can be mounted on a hitch or on the trunk, which makes them easy to use.

Be sure to look at the size, convenience, and mounting when you are making your selection. Take a look at the following bike racks that work well with your Tesla Model Y.

Here are our top 4 picks:

  1. Thule EasyFold XT 1 Hitch Bike Rack
  2. Allen Sports 3-Bike Hitch Rack
  3. Allen Sports 4-Bike Hitch Rack
  4. Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

We’re going to break each one down in detail to help you find the right choice for you.

1. Thule EasyFold XT 1 Hitch Bike Rack

This bike rack from Thule is fully foldable, compact, and very easy to use. It mounts on the hitch, and it works for all types of bikes. It is easy to mount with detachable bike arms. It uses the Thule AcuTight limiter knobs to ensure a secure fit. Another great feature is that it has a high load capacity, so you can use it for heavy e-bikes and mountain bikes. It also has a bike loading ramp that folds, and it integrates into the rack for easy storage.

The bike rack folds up so that you can mount it, move it, and store it, and it comes with a carrying handle. When you transport it, it has wheels along with the handle, which makes it very easy for anyone to move. When it is installed, you can easily access your trunk by pressing on the smart foot pedal to tilt it.

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You can even access it when the bikes are mounted. It has an anti-theft design, so you can lock your bikes to the bike rack and the bike rack to the receiver. It works with both 2-inch and 1.25-inch receivers. This is a great option for the Tesla Model Y.


  • Is fully foldable and compact
  • Is easy to use
  • Comes with bike loading ramp
  • Has smart foot tilt pedal


  • Expensive

2. Allen Sports 3-Bike Hitch Rack

The Allen Sports three-bike hitch mount rack is a premier option for your Tesla Model Y. It can hold up to three bikes weighing up to 105 pounds. It is easy to install onto most standard Class II, III, and IV receiver hitches that are 1.25 or 2 inches. It is easy to assemble, and it has folding carry arms as well as quick lift gate access. You only need three bolts to assemble it, and it takes just minutes to get it ready for use. This is a secure, quality bike rack to use with your Tesla Model Y.

This bike rack has a lot of great features. It has quick-fold carry arms that drop out of the way with the touch of a button. It also has quick secure straps and dual compound cradles. They are durable and UV resistant, and they work with a number of different bike types. They protect your bike while you are on the road.

It also has a rapid tilt-away mast, so you won’t have any trouble accessing the back of your vehicle. The dual-compound spine shield snaps over the mast to protect your bikes and ensure that they stay securely in place.

3. Allen Sports 4-Bike Hitch Rack

This is a hitch-mounted four-bike rack from Allen Sports. It fits most vehicles, including the Tesla Model Y, and it only requires a 2-inch trailer hitch. It should be a Class III or IV 2-inch hitch. It has 22-inch carry arms that secure the bikes individually, and it uses the patented-tie down system from Allen Sports. It takes less than five minutes to set up and install this bike rack, and once it is installed, it won’t move around.

It holds up to four bicycles, and it is easy to place the bikes on their individual spaces and tie them down with the cradle system. The bike rack protects each bicycle. It also works with many different types of bikes, including kids’ bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, and more.

Once your bikes are on the rack, you won’t have to remove them to access the back of your car. You can use the easy-tilt system to move the rack away while you access your car. When you aren’t using it, it can fold completely out of the way, and it has a no-wobble bolt that prevents it from moving around. It is coated with a black powder-coated finish. It is simple and works great with your Tesla Model Y.

4. Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

This bike rack is one of Allen Sports’ patented designs, and it fits most sedans, hatchbacks, minivans, and SUVs. It fits the Tesla Model Y. It has side straps to provide lateral stability. It is very easy to install, and it has individual tie-downs to hold your bikes securely while you are on the road. It also has a padded lower frame, so it prevents bikes from coming in contact with your car. It comes fully assembled, and you can install it in no time.

This bike rack has 12-inch-long arms that allow you to use a number of different bike styles, and it also has to carry arms that are 115 inches wide. You can use many different types of bikes with this rack. It is stable and protects your bikes and your car, and it is very easy to use.

If you need to transport two bikes and have a Tesla Model Y, this is a great option. It is safe, versatile, and easy to use. It has a patented individual tie-down system, and it has side straps for lateral stability. It is easy to load and unload your bikes, and the rack is lightweight and convenient.


  • Fits the back of the car well and doesn’t require a hitch
  • Has side straps for lateral stability
  • Is easy to load and unload bikes
  • Is lightweight and convenient


  • Can obstruct your license plate if you aren’t careful

Final Thoughts

There are several great options if you want a bike rack for your Tesla Model Y. Check the style and features that are best for you when you choose one.

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