Best Bike rack for an SUV with no hitch – Buyers Guide

Being a bike enthusiast would make you want to travel with your bike wherever you go. It’s a reasonable desire considering you love riding bikes.

However, carrying it everywhere may prove a bit problematic for you, which is why there are now come sturdy bike racks that you can hang behind your SUV and take your bike with you everywhere. Let’s explore what options of bike racks can you choose from if you don’t have or don’t want to use a hitch

Tyger Auto TG-RK3B203Sv

TYGER Delux bicycle rack is a helpful and trusty bicycle transporter with a No-Hassle guarantee! We’d suggest that this bike rack should not be placed upon trailers, campers, RVs, or vehicles longer than 18 feet. The delux rack comes fully assembled, making it easy for the customer to use.

More so, it fits most vehicles like sedans and hatchbacks, including SUVs.

This three-bicycle rack accompanies a solid and helpful assemble. Cushioned lower outline gets bikes far from the vehicle with the safety belt included. Individual delicate supports are made to ensure your bicycle outline and secure your bicycles. Standard dark E-Coating for imperviousness to rust is also present.

Additionally, this bike rack comes with foldable convey arms when not being used.

What’s convenient about this bike rack? It’s easily installed, without having to struggle much. The bicycle rack comes with a restricted guarantee for its lifetime, and the cost has been reasonably set. With the safety belt, you can have confidence that the bicycle will be protected during the drive on the road.

Aside from that, the establishment takes a brief time frame because of its simplicity. This rack is durable and lightweight. It comes completely collected and can be handily introduced. Silicone keeps the bicycle outline, just as the vehicle, shielded from any hindrance.

Allen Sports Premier 3

Along with various other inventive elements, the protected speedy set-up plan makes Allen’s Premier line of trunk-mounted vehicles the ideal decision of back-mounted bicycle rack for you. The straightforward, durable plan fits most vehicles, hatchbacks, minivans, and SUVs.

However, to know which bike rack is fit for your vehicle, please counsel Allen’s Rack Finder for a more appropriate vehicle fit. Protected fast set up plan take into account super-speedy set up directly out of the crate. Individual double compound straps with fast secure ties ensure your bikes during transport.

Wide profile vehicle cushions circulate the heap of the rack and bikes and shield your vehicle from harm. A cushioned lower outline ensures the vehicle and the left and right side ties for sidelong firmness.

Allen’s new headline of the trunk and extra tire-mounted transporters convey all of the convenience of our licensed speedy set-up plan, alongside our new double compound strap supports to completely get and secure your bikes.

Their new wide profile snap on feet (besides their extra tire model) help to completely convey the heap of your bikes on your vehicle. Allen’s Premier series of racks are brimming with creative components determined by almost 50 years of assembling back-mounted bikes. All things are supported by their unmatched client care and their lifetime guarantee.

Ultra Compact Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

The Allen MT-1 Ultra-minimal 1-bicycle transporter conveys every one of the advantages of a full-highlighted bike rack without breaking a sweat of utilization and accommodation of Allen’s licensed collapsing plan. Based on a tough steel outline, the MT-1 offers simple vehicle and capacity when not being used.

Double compound strap supports ensure and secure your bike. All are upheld by Allen’s uncommon client assistance and lifetime guarantee.

The licensed plan of the AL and MT racks fits most vehicles, SUVs, hatchbacks, and minivans, and permits you to overlay your rack down to a size more modest than a shoebox. This conveys extraordinary advantages as far as moving and putting away your bicycle rack when not being used.

Allen’s licensed individual strap framework gets and ensures your bikes. The straps are fixed in position on the convey arm; however, they turn with the goal that they can draw in a wide scope of bike outline sizes and styles. Allen Ultra-Compact Racks include an enormous delicate TPR landing cushion on the principal spine to ensure your bikes during transport and to get the bikes far from your vehicle

Thule Gateway Pro Trunk Bike Rack

Thule Gateway Pro trunk bicycle rack is intended to handily ship 1-3 bicycles on the back of your vehicle. Effectively join this hanging-style bicycle rack to your vehicle’s storage compartment or hatchback with a basic, apparatus-free establishment.

The 6-tie fixing framework guarantees a safe fit for any vehicle. Incorporated enemy of influence supports in addition to 7″ of separating between bicycles forestalls any contact while in a hurry.

The minimized support configuration obliges a wide assortment of bicycles and edges. The storage compartment bicycle transporter likewise overlays up level for advantageous capacity. Get your bicycles to the path effectively and securely with the Thule Gateway Pro trunk-mounted bicycle rack.

Licensed FitDial with Quick-Fit switch acclimates to your vehicle giving an “amazing fit”. Secure fit to the vehicle with a 6-lash fixing framework. Allude to the Thule Fit Guide to decide whether the Gateway Pro is good for your vehicle.


  • Strong and secure hanging-style trunk bicycle rack for 1-3 bicycles
  • Secure fit to the vehicle with 6-tie fixing framework
  • Integrated hostile to influence supports and 7″ of dispersing between bicycles forestalls contact
  • Compact support configuration obliges a wide assortment of bicycles and edges


  • Its actual weight is quite heavy.
  • Nothing is marked, so it’s hard to sort out which tie goes where.
  • Secure ties for the bicycles are amazingly hard to utilize.


When you want to take your bike with you, but don’t have a hitch or like the idea of attaching it to your SUV’s rear bumper, there are plenty of options. above are the best bike racks for SUVs with no hitch.

We hope this article has been helpful in exploring some additional considerations before making an investment decision on which type of bike rack will work best for you and your family

If you have remarks or suggestions, don’t hesitate and let us know!

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