Can a bike rack cover your license plate?

You want to buy a bike rack for your car, but you’re not sure if it will obscure your license plate or if it’s even allowed.

Most people don’t know that bike racks can obscure your license plate and that can lead to getting pulled over. Not only is this an inconvenience, but it can also be costly.

So, can a Bike rack cover your License plate?

Yes, a bike rack can cover your license plate when installed. Some states require that the plates be visible at all times.

In some states, it’s illegal to obstruct any part of the license plate from being read. This means that you can’t hide or block your license plate with a bike rack because it will most likely be considered an obstruction if they’re blocking the plate.

In these cases, your license plate will be considered obscured and you’ll receive a ticket.

To prevent blocking your license plate with a bike rack, you’ll need to find a bike rack that has the License plate Holder attached.

How do you put a license plate on a bike rack?

If you have one, follow these steps below, if you don’t have one you can get one here.

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Step One: Put your license plate on the License Plate holder’s hook first by sliding it in through the opening between two of its arms. Then attach it to your car or other vehicle and screw it in place with an Allen wrench.

Step Two: Place the License plate Holder on your bike rack, hooking it onto any of its arms, and then tighten it down with screws to keep it in place. If you have a car that has both front and back plates, secure them on each side of the License Plate holder so they’re not obstructed by one another or other objects.

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Can you get pulled over for covering your license plate?

By attaching your license plate with help from a license plate holder onto your bike rack you prevent that you get stopped by a police officer who might give you a warning or a ticket, and who got time for that?

If the goal is to just have the license plate visible. you can make a hole on either side of the License plate. get a couple of Ty raps and tie them down to your bike rack so that the plate is easily viewable from behind.

Is parking a car without a license plate Illegal?

In most places, in the US, it is illegal to park your car without any identification on public property. therefore covering your license plate with or without a bike rack is illegal.

Some states even require to have a front and rear license plate visible at any time when making use of public roads.

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You can avoid this by getting a front and rear license plate holder, then attaching them to your bike rack so that they’re visible at all times.

How to prevent a bike rack from blocking the license plate?

Besides using Tie raps consider the following possibilities:

Temporary Paper License Plate:

You can make a temporary license plate using paper and tape. Just print out the image of your state’s MVA form to attach it onto your bike rack or car, then place that at the back to let you park legally anywhere.

You should always check with local laws before doing this though as there may be some exceptions you’ll need to know about.

Relocate the License Plate:

You can choose to relocate the license plate on your car or bike rack. For example, you may be able to use a rear-mounted bicycle rack and attach it at the back of your vehicle instead so that there is no obstruction in front for any cameras trying to capture images of plates.

Or place a bike rack on the rear of your car as instructed. but take the license plate based on the back of your car off first. and then place it on top of your bike rack.

Purchase a New Bike Rack

This might be the easiest but also the most expensive way. If you’re looking for a permanent solution to your problem, then purchasing another bike rack that has the license plate holder attached is probably one of the best solutions.

There are plenty on this website with great reviews and at affordable prices too! But try to make sure it’s compatible with your car or not before making any final purchase decisions. check our buyer’s guides to find the best bike rack for you.

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The law is pretty clear on this one. You cannot cover your license plate with a bike rack or anything else, for that matter. If you do, you can get pulled over and get fined. So what’s the best way around it? Simple – use a license plate holder attached to your bike rack so that police officers are able to easily read all numbers and letters on both sides of your license plate at any time. And please remember not to park cars without plates! It’s illegal too!

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