Can a Bike Rack Rest on Glass?

When trying to find the right bike rack for your car or truck, there are many questions that you might have. Can a bike rack rest on glass? How much weight can a bike rack hold? Do bike racks damage your car? We will answer all of these questions and more in this post!

So, can a bike rack rest on glass?

Yes, bike racks can rest on the glass. But Most of the time the bike rack does not rest on the roof but on the mounted roof bars.

However, if the streets are like my area, I would probably not use it. Although the bike rack may stay put for a while, sand or dirt may get beneath the rubber feet and harm the glass.

Just clean the glass and the glass-touching part of the rack before using. A sock or other cloth should be placed over the feet to keep them clean. Last but not least, make sure the contact point is clean by cleaning behind it.

If you use a rack with rubber/ suction cups I recommend that you place a piece of wide Duct Tape on the glass( don’t forget to clean it first!) where the bike rack’s rubber/suction cups will come into contact.

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This prevents dirt from getting under the rubber/suction cups and scratching the glass.

The first time I didn’t do it myself, I can tell you, it won’t happen again..:(

Can you open your trunk with a bike rack on it?

Yes, you can open your trunk with a bike rack on it as long as the straps and hooks are tight. When using any type of roof racks/trunk mounts for transporting bikes it’s best to tighten all the clamps first and then put them on your vehicle.

Don’t use force when opening or closing doors around luggage that are attached to a bike rack. Some people have been known to break the clamps from forcing them too hard, so be careful!

If your car or truck has doors that open vertically, don’t forget about those because they can hit and damage any luggage attached to a roof-mounted rack system. This is especially true with SUVs, pick-up trucks, and hatchbacks.

The easiest way to make sure nothing gets hurt or damaged is just to remove the bikes from the rack and then put them back in when you’re done.

Be careful, and don’t force anything.

The key is to use your body’s weight, not just strength, to get the trunk open. If you need help opening the trunk with a bike rack on it I recommend that someone grab hold of each side of the roof rack/trunk mount and pull opposite directions to avoid strain on the car door.

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How much weight can a bike rack hold?

Most bike racks can hold up to 120 pounds of bikes, equipment, and accessories.

Racks that are made for holding mountain bikes should be able to carry more weight than those meant for road or cruiser bikes because they’re designed to take the extra strain associated with riding over rough terrain. As a rule of thumb, if you have three heavy cruisers it’s safer to use a rack that can hold up to 150 pounds.

A good way is to check the maximum load capacity of your car or truck, and then find out how much weight you need to carry on top of that number.

The most common type of bike racks are those designed for transporting two bikes; however, there are variations for transporting up to three.

Two-bike racks are the most popular choice for many individuals because they are easier on your budget, don’t take up too much space in your garage or home, and it’s usually enough bicycles to meet anyone’s needs.

Do bike racks damage cars?

Well, not all bike racks are the same. They need to be compatible with your vehicle and they need to have an opening in the back for you to put your bike on.

So, yes it is possible for a bike rack to damage your car.

The bike racks that dangle from the trunk of your car with ropes and hooks may cause damage to your vehicle:

  • the weight and therefore the pressure it puts on the bumper can crack the paint
  • the hooks of the bike rack can scrape your paint
  • If your car’s rear window does not have a frame around it, the play of the hooks might even shatter your back glass.
  • The bike’s pedals may damage your bumper, scratch it, and dent it.
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I usually recommend a hitch-mounted rack instead. None of those problems apply. And the hitch-mounted rack can usually carry more bikes, bigger bikes, and the bikes are more secure. Carbon frames are more protected as well. But that kind of rack is usually way more expensive and bulkier than the one with straps.

When you’re attaching the rack and arranging the bikes, some of the problems listed above can be avoided with careful attention.

However, when you are exhausted after a long journey and your only concern is returning home or getting hungry and just want to grab some food, you may lose sight of things.

Tips for traveling with a bike rack 

  1. Make sure your bike is properly fitted to the rack
  2. Secure your bike tightly with a lock or use bungee cords
  3. Before you travel, make sure your bike is in good shape and has been tuned up
  4. Be aware of different height restrictions – some cars have a limit of how high a rack can go before they start to scrape against the roof or other parts of the vehicle 


Your bike rack can be a great way to carry your bikes, but it may cause damage to your car if you don’t take the time to check the maximum load capacity of your vehicle Just make sure not to put too much weight on either side or else it could create problems in terms of balance and stability. And finally, before loading any bicycles into a truck bed-style cargo rack, make sure everything is properly secured so they stay secure during your trip.

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