Can you keep a bike rack on your car?

As you may have noticed, many people are using the bike racks on the back of their cars to help transport bikes around. One question that a lot of people ask is “can I keep a bike rack on my car?”

For some people, this can be a big concern because they do not want to damage their car in any way. We will discuss whether or not it’s possible for someone to keep a bike rack on their vehicle and what precautions you should take before doing so!

It’s an old age question, but is it possible to keep a bike rack on your car? Yes, keeping a bike rack on your vehicle is possible. In fact, these racks are specifically designed for this exact purpose! One thing you need to know about using these types of racks though is that they will add extra weight to your car.

This can definitely impact the way your car handles and could even cause problems if you hit a bump in the road. The weight will also make it harder for you to take sharp turns, but this is something that won’t be too much of an issue unless you’re driving up hills or on roads with lots of twists and turns.

Can you keep a bike rack on your car
Can you keep a bike rack on your car

What are the pros of having a bike rack on your car?

There are many different reasons why someone would want to keep a bike rack on their car. The most obvious reason is if the person already owns one and they want to use it at times. Another great thing about these types of racks is that you can transport bikes without having them take up all your trunk space!

If you’re planning to buy or already own more than one bike, this is definitely something to consider.

What are the cons of having a bike rack on your car?

On top of damaging your vehicle and making it hard to drive in some cases, there are other reasons someone may not want to leave their bike rack attached to their car for extended periods of time. One big con is that it looks very unattractive. If you have a nice car or are someone who likes to show off your vehicle, this may not be the choice for you!

Another thing about having these racks on your car all of the time is that they can get in the way when trying to open up your trunk. This isn’t too much of a problem in most cases, but it can definitely create a hassle when needed to store something.

Can I leave my bike rack on my car in the rain?

yes, you can leave your bike rack on your car when it rains. if they are made of aluminum. If they are made of steel, leaving them on your car in the rain for years may have an effect on it of course. If you live in a snowy place and they salt the roads it may corrode it.

It’s best to take it off or at least wipe the salt before you put your bike rack back on your car again in the springtime. But you should clean your car after the winter because the salt also has an effect on your car.

If you know you are not going to use it for an extended period of time, for example, late fall till spring, my advice would be to take it off and store it in your garage. If you do, a bit of care wouldn’t hurt. Clean it, by using a cloth, to get all the dirt off it. Makes sure it’s dry and put it away in a dry place. This will make sure you can use it for many years to come.


In conclusion, it is possible to keep a bike rack on your car. However, there are some circumstances you should be aware of if you decide this is the best option. One major thing that many people don’t realize about it is that they can add extra weight and make it harder for you to maneuver.

if can also increase fuel consumption. It’s best if you are aware of these consequences before deciding whether or not it’s good to keep your rack on your car all the time

racks are designed with the specific purpose of being mounted on a vehicle. They’re typically made out of aluminum, which is more corrosion resistant than steel and can be left on your car even if it rains. If you live in an area where they salt the roads during the winter months,

it’s important to take off any metal parts so they don’t corrode. If you’re not going to use your bike rack for a long period of time, it’s best to take them off and store them in the garage. By cleaning and drying them properly before storage, they can be used many years down the road!

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