Do Suction Cup Bike Racks Work? Solved!

Do you have a bike rack on the back of your car? If not, but want one, it might be time to consider investing in a suction cup bike rack. Suction cups are great for holding onto cars with textured surfaces or slippery finishes because they use air pressure instead of relying on friction. These racks are very easy to install and remove, which is why they’re becoming more popular among cyclists.

So, do suction cups work? The short answer is yes, suction cups work very well. Just make sure you have a clean surface before applying them so they can create the best seal possible.

What are suction cup bike racks?

Suction cup bike racks are small racks that attach to the roof or trunk of your car using suction cups. Instead of friction, they use air pressure to hold onto the car. simply pump the air out of the suction cup and the outside air pressure will keep the suction cup attached to your car.

Why use a suction cup bike rack?

Suction cup bike racks are often used in short-term situations, such as when you’re going on a weekend camping trip. Suction cup roof racks can also be helpful for people who live in an apartment with limited storage space and want to keep their bikes outside without having them take up any room inside the house.

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Suction cup bike racks are also useful for people who carpool with coworkers. If you have a coworker that bikes to work, they can easily attach their bike to the rack on your car and then remove it when they get out of the car at work.

People who live in college towns or cities where there’s limited parking may also benefit from using a suction cup bike rack. It’s very easy to use these racks on the weekend or after work since they usually take less than five minutes to install and remove.

How to install a suction cup bike rack

A suction cup bike rack is a good option for those on a budget or who do not need to carry more than one bicycle at a time. The installation process of the mount requires some care, but it does ensure that your bikes are held tightly in place and protected from damage. It’s ideal for those with cars without factory racks as well.

The first step to using a suction cup bike rack is cleaning the roof of your vehicle off. If you have leftover residue from other racks or equipment, then use an alcohol solution and paper towels to wipe it down before applying the mount. This ensures that no dirt will be transferred between surfaces during installation which can lead to damaged paint or a weaker hold.

After cleaning, attach the mount to your vehicle’s roof and ensure that it is not going anywhere while you place a bike inside of it. Some mounts may be difficult to get in place because they require specific positioning, so take extra time if needed for this step. Once it’s secure, lift up the bikes by their handlebars and insert them into the mount. Pull down on the handle to ensure a tight fit before driving anywhere with your bicycles in tow!

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I do like to use suction cups because they’re incredibly easy to install. They can be attached to any surface, and you don’t even need glue or tape! you place them on your car. there is a little pump, use that and the rack is firmly attached to your car. Ist as easy as that. No fiddling, screwing things tighter, looking for pieces you need to use, or anything like that.

  • clean the roof of your vehicle
  • place it onto your car
  • use the little pump to attach the suction cup bike rack
  • That’s it!

Detaching is also very easy, just lift the little tab and you can take it right off with ease. no hassle at all

Pros and cons of using a suction cup bike rack 

Pros of a suction cup roof rack

  • Suction cup bike racks are inexpensive and easy to use.
  • They’re small, lightweight,
  • Stores easily when not in use.
  • They fit in a backpack, carry-on, or bike bag. 
  • Fits any car

Cons of a suction cup roof rack

  • some cars have sleek lines and get difficult to attach the suctions cups properly- they do not always get tight enough on some newer vehicles which can be frustrating if you want it secure.
  • In hot weather, suction cups lose their grip so you have to be careful.


Suction cup bike racks are a convenient and cheap option for those who do not want to spend much money on buying an expensive rack, but they should only be used as temporary storage solutions.

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They work best if the surface is smooth and flat, such as the roof of a car or inside a garage where there aren’t many obstacles. They are also fairly easy to install and simple to remove, which makes them great for taking bikes on vacation or over the weekend.

Suction cup bike racks can be used in conjunction with other types of racks that attach to your car, but they should not be relied upon as the only way you securely transport your bicycle when traveling.

there are suction cups for 2 or more bikes but should only be used for short periods of time. don’t leave them on your car when not around, they are so easy to deinstall not just for you but also for everybody else!

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