Can you get a Lyft with a bike rack? It might not what you think.

Originally posted on October 29, 2021 @ 13:36

You like riding to work or just cruising around. And then you get a Flat tire. Now you need a way to get home. you call your Family and friends but unfortunately, they can’t help you. What are you going to do? You open your Phone and see your Lyft app. You scroll for booking a ride.

So, now you are wondering: Can you get a Lyft with a bike rack? The answer is unfortunately no. Right now Lyft does not officially have cars with bike racks attached to them.

There are a couple of reasons why there are no racks officially on the cars of Lyft. Read on where we go more in-depth about why not and what your options are.

Lyft with a bike rack

Why Can’t you get a Lyft with a bike rack?

Well, That answer is twofold. One is, there is no official policy by Lyft. They might change that in the future but for now, they don’t offer that services as a company.

With the increased awareness of the climate, And the increased interest in riding bikes. especially with the introduction of the E-bike, it doesn’t look farfetched to introduce bike racks as a part of their service.

With more people biking and maybe getting flat tires or just wanting to ride one way and don’t want to return on their bike, maybe caused by bad weather, like rain or a storm, that policy might change.

The market is growing which might spark Lyft’s interest.

The second one is that Lyft Drivers are Independent Contractors, not employees. They are technically their own business and pretty much do whatever they want with their cars. Maybe you find a driver Who has a bike rack on his or her car and then you are lucky.

So to summarize:

  • There is no official policy by Lyft
  • Lyft Drivers are Independent Contractors, not employees

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So, now what are my options without a bike rack?

Hire a Bigger Lyft. What I mean by that is get a Suv or something, so order Lyft xl. These are SUVs. Which are roomier and may have the space to not only for you but also your precious bike.

Then text the driver that you have a bike. Tell him or her your situation and they might come with a solution like putting it in the back of their car. It would be very convenient if you can easily remove your wheels from your bike. So that way it is easy to store your bike in the back of Lyft.

You might get away with booking a Preferred mode option and hoping the bike might get in the trunk of the car. But with the situation that all drivers are independent contractors you just hope to get lucky.

  1. Book a Lyft, preferably Lyft Xl
  2. Text the driver and explain the situation
  3. Pray

Other options

Leave your bike. Abandon your bike and by that don’t throw it away. Just lock it up(make sure to lock it by having it attached to something like a lantern pole. Then Book a ride, go home, get your car, and pick it up later. This is a very expensive option but if you can’t find any other way than this, it might be your only choice.

If these options are not working then call a taxi or an uber and repeat steps 1 to 3.


So, can you get a Lyft with a bike rack? The short answer is no. There is no official policy by Lyft. Some drivers might have a bike rack on their car, but it doesn’t hurt to ask before booking the ride. The drivers are independent and therefore they basically can do what they want. but don’t hesitate to ask them and one might take you.

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