Trunk Bike Rack: Can You Use It on an SUV?

We all know that SUVs are the in thing right now, and for good reason. They offer a lot of advantages over sedans and other cars. But if you drive an SUV, how do you transport your bike?

A trunk bike rack is a great option to be able to transport your bike without having to take up space in the back seat or on top of the car– but will it work with your vehicle?

So, Can you use a trunk bike rack with a Suv? The answer is Yes, you can! A trunk bike rack is a great option to transport your bikes without having them take up the space in the backseat or on top of the car. It’s also a perfect way for those who have more than one bicycle and would like to be able to bring all their bikes with them at once.

Trunk Bike racks are adjustable, which lets them fit on most SUVs. It can hold up to two or three bikes, depending on the model you decide to go with. There are also bike racks that have a swivel feature so that they don’t block your rear door which means you can put stuff in the back and still take your bikes with you.

These are just a few of the many reasons why buying a trunk bike rack is the perfect option for SUVs!

Can You Use a Trunk Bike Rack:on an SUV?

Do trunk bike racks damage SUV’s?

No, Not if you properly install the bike rack. Fortunately, most trunk bike racks are designed with the user in mind. They’re adjustable to fit on different vehicles and they don’t require any assembly before use! When installing just make sure the rubbers on the rack are touching your car to prevent scratching or chipping paint.

Which bike rack is best for my SUV?

Well, that depends on your needs and personal preferences. Do you want to be able to transport two or three bikes? Or do you prefer a trunk bike rack that has a swivel feature so it doesn’t block while driving? If you have more than one bicycle, the best option for transporting all of them is by using hitch racks. These can hold up to five bikes at once, making them very convenient for families or those who bike with friends.

Trunk racks are another great option that can hold up to three bikes and they’re adjustable so you don’t need any tools– this is perfect if you want an easy installation!

Take a look at our buying guides. We have special guides for SUV’s!

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How fast can you drive with a trunk bike rack on an SUV?

How fast you can drive depends. If you are on a bumpy road I would slow down to minimize the risk of damages. Reduce the speed on a bumpy road. It can do damage to your vehicle or bike rack if you go too fast and it might also affect the bikes so I would recommend taking slow speeds with this kind of bike rack in general. so drive conservative and use common sense.

Is a Bike rack on an SUV easy to install?

If you can reach the top of your car: Yes! Most trunk racks don’t require any tools or assembly- just attach them to your SUVs’ bumper and tighten the straps. It’s as easy as that! Make the metal part of the rack is not in direct contact with your car. Use some rubber pads and or bungee cords to make sure the rack and or bikes are really tightly attached to your car.

If you can’t reach the top of your car: You may need some help, but it is actually very simple! Just attach the trunk bike rack to one side of your SUV and tighten everything down so it’s secure- then do the same for the other side. It should be perfectly balanced on both sides now and if that doesn’t not help you can always use a step ladder

How do I know if a trunk bike rack will fit my SUV?

A lot of trunk racks come with adjustable features, so you can adjust them to your car for a snug fit without damaging anything or causing any leaks. If the rack is not adjustable though it may be possible to have it custom made for your car.

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Please note that every vehicle model is unique, so it’s important to double-check the dimensions of the rack and measure if you can attach them on top of your SUV before buying one! If they don’t fit, there are other options such as roof racks or hitch racks.


A trunk bike rack is a great option for those who don’t want to take up space in the backseat or on top of their car. They’re also perfect if you have more than one bicycle and would like to be able to bring them with you at once! Trunk racks are adjustable, so they fit most SUVs– plus, they don’t require any tools to install. All in all, they’re a simple and convenient way of transporting your bikes!

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